A coloring cook of fairy tales

A quality coloring book with adventurous drawings and stories from Denmark’s most famous and beloved writer.

“Combining the plot of Hans Christian Andersen with the challenge of colouring images from his world is an excellent idea, precisely because his fairy tales are so vibrant in the telling.”
– Johs Nørregaard Frandsen, professor


Colouring the Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen
ISBN 978-87-993925-5-1
Illustrations: Milana Samarskaya
Fairy-tale summaries: Clara Strunge
Introduction: professor Johannes Nørregaard Frandsen

Poem on back cover: Michael B. Hansen, Fagredaktion
Translated from the Danish and edited by Clara Wedersøe Strunge and Heidi Flegal
Graphic design and cover: Strunge Grafik

Famous as well as less known fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen in an easily legible version combined with beautiful drawings for the stories – ready to jump into!

Relaxation and coloring

Read/listen to the fairy tales and add your color to Milana Samarskayas wonderful drawings.

24 fairy tales

H.C. Andersen’s World

We have here collected 24 fairy tales and serves them in a short version.
If you want the fairy tales in their full length you can find them in a bookstore, the library or here.

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Colouring the Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen

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