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Explore the city
Colouring Aarhus

New narrative coloring book about the very best places in Aarhus with inspiring descriptions by known authors from Aarhus as well as famous artists along with beautiful illustrations tempting ready to color by the reader.

“Enjoy the city and enjoy the book.”

– Jacob Bundsgaard, mayor


Colouring Aarhus
Subtitel: explore the city – history – architecture – art – culture
Language: english
ISBN 978-87-993925-7-5
Format: 25 × 34 cm
Illustrations: Jørgen Strunge

Colouring of illustrations on cover: Alek Krylow
Preface: Jacob Bundsgaard
Translation: Heidi Flegal
Book design: Strunge Grafik

Use the treasure map in the book and find the exciting places from the city’s history, architecture, art, and culture.

Read about the treasures – experience them in the city and immerse yourself in them when you add color to the drawings. Reach an extra dimension of mindfulness.

Poul Henning Bartholin
Johan Bender
Anna Liv Bolther
Michael B. Hansen
Michael Borgen
Søren Bitsch Christensen
Elsebeth Egholm
Elmgreen & Dragset
Leandro Erlich
Benjamin Gilbert
Thomas Helmig
Peter Kjeldsen

Lissa Ladefoged
Palle Lykke
Svend Åge Madsen
Carsten René Nielsen
Tom Nielsen
Thomas Bloch Ravn
Hans Skov
Jørgen Strunge
Trine Sørensen
Elsebeth Terkelsen
Kristian Buhl Thomsen
Elisabeth Toubro

About colouring in this book

The paper in this book is well-suited for coloured pencils. We do not advise using thick markers or watercolours, which contain too much moisture to achieve a good result.

Draw and color

The drawings are for you to become involved – expand your creativity and color with your imagination.

Now it's up to you!

Use your senses

Famous writers and artists have contributed to making a good story about Aarhus. We dive into the cultural treasures of the city – known as well as unnoticed.

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