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At detegn we want to explore the opportunities that lie in blending visual impressions and
physical activity to promote learning and improve mental focus.

The Brain remembers visuel input better
Publications from detegn use the eye – as a primary tool of communication. Through the visual medium, we can quickly provide an overview, evoke a thought, or create a mood, then supplement the visual messages with textual and lexical information.

As the saying goes: A picture says more than a thousand words. What is more, studies suggest that the human brain remembers visual input better than many other types of stimuli.

Drawing and contemplation
Drawing is seeing. Through the process of drawing, one’s attentiveness to visual detail becomes more acute. This immersive focus diminishes the importance of other thoughts, opens the mind to serenity, and relaxes physical tension in the body. This means that an immersive drawing, painting, or colouring process is also a restful exercise that puts one’s thoughts into perspective and often brings renewed energy.

Colouring is an enjoyable and mindful activity for adults and children of all ages.